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WG Post / Alogna

Research interests


Experimental hemodynamics

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Experimental hemodynamics

The “experimental hemodynamics” working group is dedicated to the testing and development of novel innovative therapies and devices in the field of cardiovascular medicine. We use large animal models (pigs and sheep) because it allows us to combine imaging and invasive characterization of cardiac function with histological and molecular analysis. The strong background of the group in the field of clinical cardiovascular physiology fosters the translational impact of the research projects. The core expertise of the group resides in a variety of well-established animal models of acute and chronic heart failure.
An overview of the experimental, as well as the clinical projects, is given under “projects”


The team is composed of:

  • PD Dr. Alessio Alogna, PhD, BIH Charité Clinician Scientist
  • PD. Dr. med. Heiner Post (Co-PI)
  • Jens Ötvös, Tierarzt
  • Alessandro Faragli, Arzt    
  • Dawud Abawi, Arzt



  • Dr. med. Karl-Patrick Kresoja
  • Carolin Kolp
  • Francesco Paolo Lomuzio, PhD Student
Postdocs and doctoral students

We are always looking for highly motivated scientists/clinician scientists to join our lab. Applicants are welcome to discuss potential projects and fellowship applications.
Applicants should send us:

  1. a cover letter (two pages maximum) describing their qualifications, research interests, career goals, and vision for their postdoctoral/doctoral training;
  2. a curriculum vitae;
  3. name and contact information for at least one professional reference.

Inquiries should be sent to: alessio.alogna(at)


Brief description of the ongoing experimental projects:

CUPIDO (2017-2021): a Horizon-2020 funded project focusing on the development of a novel inhalable nanotechnology to treat heart failure patients. More information under the following link:
LION-HEARTED (2019-2023): a Horizon-2020 funded project striving to establish opticeutics and novel light-technologies in the field of cardiovascular medicine. More information under the following link:
Additional projects are focusing on cardiogenic shock and novel mechanical circulatory support devices.

Ongoing clinical Projects:

Cardiobia(2019-2020): Investigator initiated trial (funded by Spark-BIH) on a novel algorithm for risk-prediction modelling in acutely decompensated heart failure patients.

Past projects:

BOLD-Project. Non-invasive assessment of blood oxygen saturation in the heart chambers via cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. (DZHK funded, in cooperation with Prof. S. Kelle, DHZB)
Thermodilution vs estimated Fick cardiac output measurement in an elderly cohort of patients.

Your contact person

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Heiner Post

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Heiner Post
Dr. Alessio Alogna, Ph.D.

BIH Clinical Scientist

Allesio Alogna