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Device implantation and aftercare

Our department offers the full spectrum of modern, device-based therapies for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac rhythm disturbances and heart failure.

The following content is also available in English and Turkish.

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The interventions are performed under sterile conditions in our new "Hybrid Operation room" with a very low-radiation X-ray machine, under local anesthesia, and additional sedating medication. Implantations can also be carried out under general anesthesia if this should be necessary. At our hospital, we only implant the most advanced pacemakers and defibrillators of all manufacturers (including magnetic-resonance compatible systems), which allows us to accommodate your specific wishes and the wishes of your treating cardiologist. The follow-up of the implanted cardiac devices is taken care of at our pacemaker outpatient department. Herzschrittmacherambulanz.

[Englische Übersetzung] Zusätzlich bieten wir eine Spezialsprechstunde zur Gerätetherapie basierten Behandlung der Herzinsuffizienz an.

We utilize the remote follow-up platforms of all major manufacturers. Thus, occurred cardiac rhythm disturbances, malfunctions of the implanted device, or a deterioration of the heart failure can be detected via telemedicine before the regular follow-up appointments at the pacemaker outpatient department. Encoded data on cardiac activity and technical data of the implanted device are transmitted to us daily and fully automatically via the mobile phone network. We can access these values through a protected website on a daily basis and contact you if necessary.